Borneo From Below: Series Trailer:

Borneo is about more than just pygmy elephants and orangutans. Watch the trailer for Aaron’s new online series about this exotic island...



Borneo From Below: Ep 02

Watch Aaron present footage of the world’s first two-headed nudibranch and learn more about these fascinating sea slugs, in Episode 2 of Borneo From Below.

Borneo From Below: Ep 04

Mantis shrimp are incredible animals that have the world’s fastest strike and most complex eye system. They’re also caught by sea gypsies using traditional techniques.


Borneo From Below: Ep 10

In Borneo a rather unusual (make that adorable) shark is being targeted for restaurants and the shark fin trade. Learn more about the trade in Episode 10.

Sardine Run:

In Search of the Cover Shot, Epic TV: Follow Aaron's quest to take magazine cover shots of the world-famous Sardine Run. Experiencing poor conditions, the shoot takes an unexpected turn...


The Epic Selfie, Epic TV

Every year, thousands of elephants die of malnutrition and dehydration in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe. Trailer for the full documentary produced by Aaron and the Ecomentaries team.

Paying the Price: the Tuna with Trouble

Aaron and the Ecomentaries team investigate South Africa’s tuna industry. The overall goal is to create awareness and lobby supermarkets to only stock sustainably caught tuna.


Grey Matters (Trailer)

Every year, thousands of elephants suffer with malnutrition and dehydration in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe. This is the trailer for the full documentary produced by Aaron and the Ecomentaries team.

Meet the Responsible Safari Team

Meet the faces behind Malawi’s Responsible Safari Company.


Community Projects

View a selection of projects supported by Malawi’s Responsible Safari Company.


Education Tours

Follow a secondary school from Scotland as they build a community clinic in Malawi.


Malawi Country highlights

Promotional film on one of Africa’s most diverse countries.


Shiver: shark finning in Mozambique:

Sharks are disappearing along Mozambique’s vast 3,000km coastline. Shiver follows local hero Carlos Macuacua in his quest to protect these waters.

Kaya Mawa promotional video:

A day in the life at one of Africa’s most luxurious resorts.


Indonesia Highlights:

Aaron was commissioned by operator Original Diving to create a series of videos highlighting Indonesia's top dive sites. Watch the "Best of" video here.

Diving Komodo:

The Arenui is a boutique dive liveaboard that operates out of Komodo National Park. This video showcases a two-week trip.


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